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I would like to welcome you to join the new Palm Beach iPhone Developer Network! I have organized this group due to the fact that no active iPhone Development groups exist in my immediate area.

I usually travel an hour and  a half to the South Florida iPhone Development Group in Miami Beach. I have no plans to stop going to their meetings because they always have great presenters and great meeting topics but rather I would like to supplement their meetings with our own local ones. I know for a fact that there are iPhone developers in the West Palm Beach area and I’m trying to get us all together.

If you are in the area please sign-up and also help spread the word to friends and colleagues so we can make this a successful meet-up group. If you are interested in presenting to our group or if you are a vendor whose product(s) and/or services would be beneficial to the group please contact me directly.

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Another one of my applications has made it to print! This time it’s Remix DJ: SpeakEZ. It was reviewed in BigShotMag a magazine that caters to DJ’s and extreme music enthusiasts. You can see it in Issue #29 which is available now!

BiGShotMag_Iss29_Cover remixdjspeakez2Here’s the Review:

Speak EZ (
Price: Free

Description: Remember the Speak N’ Spell? Remix DJ does,
and they’ve done a virtual version for the iPhone/iPod Touch.

Pros: A wide selection of phrases, plus the alphabet and numbers 0-9
for your to trigger.

Cons: The buttons are a bit small, and response sometimes lags.

But for free, it’s not much to complain about. You also can’t circuit bend it
like a real SnS; but, that’s what xternal effects are for.

Verdict: You win.

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doom_logoThose cool guys at iD Software have released the source code to the hugely popular DOOM Classic game for iPhone & iPodTouch. It has been released under the GPL License and can be downloaded from HERE. You’ll probably also want to read the Build Instructions. ;-)

For more information check out Development on Doom Classic By John Carmack, Technical Director, Id Software.

If you’re not an iPhone developer you can purchase the game from the AppStore



Play the legendary first person shooter, DOOM, with an iPhone or iPod Touch. Fight through 36 missions in four action-packed episodes: Knee-Deep in the Dead, Shores of Hell, Inferno, and Thy Flesh Consumed.

Experience DOOM multiplayer on your mobile device, including Deathmatch and Cooperative play for up to four players via wireless internet.

Choose from three different control types and customize the interface to suit your style.

Explore the depths of Mars while utilizing the topdown map to help you explore and save your game on the fly.

Listen to the original soundtrack or disable it and use your own iPod music.

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Xcode Shortcut List Updated for Xcode 3.2

On 11/13/2009, in xcode, by keyvisuals

The COCO SAMURAI is kind enough to continuously maintain and update this very handy cheat sheet of xcode shortcuts. It has been updated for the latest xcode 3.2


You are encouraged to share the knowledge ;-) Here’s a link to the original article just in case the links go down:

Xcode Shortcuts (PDF)
Xcode Shortcuts (Black & White) (PDF)

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The other day I received my first “new” email notification from the App Store Review team . . .


Yay!, Apple must be reviewing my app I thought. But then the email body contained the unfortunate “Your application review process will require additional time.” #fail.


I’m really not sure how these changed state emails are going to provide developers with any helpful information. Previously our app status would have shown In Review and we would have had to wait until it was either accepted or rejected. Now we can see if the our apps are waiting for review or actually are in review sure, but how does that help me? Knowing that my application state has changed isn’t a huge relief to me either. What knowledge have I gained? I still have to wait until it is either accepted or rejected and now I have an additional step to add to my anxiety.

As you can see from the these screen shots the Status History doesn’t provide much helpful information either. It would at least be interesting if we could see which App Reviewer was looking at our app. Instead it just says Apple. No kidding, really? Can you imagine seeing inspected by number 7.


I guess it’s a good sign that Apple is trying to provide more information to developers regarding their cryptic review process but we are far from a perfect system.

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GoDaddy Grid Hosting: Reliable & Fast!

On 11/07/2009, in Keyvisuals, by keyvisuals


Recently I was a little bummed by the response time of my Word Press administration panel. It was just sluggish and really starting to get on my nerves so I jumped on twitter and made this tweet, looking for a speedier web host. I’ve been using GoDaddy hosting for years and have never had a problem but for whatever reason their shared hosting seemed to be holding me back in WordPress.

I got a few helpful replies and some suggestions on new WP hosting sites. I wasn’t really thrilled at the though of having to migrate my website to an entirely different host. Fortunately my tweet captured the attention of GoDaddyGuy on Twitter! (Specifically Alon.) We discussed my issues and he suggested that I try their new Grid Hosting Plans. Well to make a long story short I took his suggestion and was up and running again in no time at all.

I have to say that I immediately saw a remarkable improvement in the responsiveness of my WordPress admin. Not only that but my blog pages were loading on my iPhone way faster than they ever had. I have not had any downtime since moving to the Grid Servers even though they are currently in Beta and have run into no bugs within my website hosting panel. FTP to my site remains blazingly fast and like I mentioned earlier my page load times have noticeably decreased.

goDaddy_guyI would like to say a big THANK YOU! to GoDaddyGuy for his outstanding customer service and dedication. I mean who am I? just some guy posting my woes on twitter, but he stepped in and guided me smoothly through every step of the way. He has more than renewed my faith in the quality of GoDaddys service and I can now honestly say they are my number one choice for web hosting. I’ll be recommending them to all my present and future clients.

Not everyone will need the speed and scalability of Grid Hosting but if you run a WordPress blog, especially one that is highly trafficted, you should seriously consider signing up.

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We’ve all seen those large, really nice looking, glossy app icons that iTunes displays. I personally have taken screen captures of these icons multiple times for use in blog posts and other advertising. It’s usually a pain because you have to bring the screen cap into photoshop and clean it up, trying not to mess up the nicely rounded corners of the icon. Well, no more! Xeleh has released his free OSX App for capturing and saving those beautiful shiny icons.


All you need to do is enter the iTunes link (or app id#) into the Icon Extractor, click Fetch and then save the pristine icon (.png) with transparency intact! It couldn’t get any easier.

You can get the latest version of AppStore Icon Extractor from the authors website. It’s tested and working on OSX Leopard.

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iphone_gamesaladYesterday I signed up for the new indie level membership at It was a very reasonable $99/yr registration fee. The indie membership is called their Express Membership.For the $99 I am given their GameSalad Project Editor which reminds me a bit of the Flash interface. It is made up of scenes and “actors” which are controlled by behaviors. Alot of the process seems to be simplified into point and click. You have to attach some code  logic to these various widgets but so far it doesn’t seem overly complicated.

Also, they provide the GameSalad Viewer which starts out as an xcode project that you can compile and run on your ipod/iphone. It allows you to test your games natively on your device. This also seems to be a straightforward process. From inside the GameSalad Editor you choose to launch your project for iPhone and as long as your desktop and device are connected to the same wifi network the game is installed and runs on your device.

I should note that anyone can download and begin creating games with the GameSalad Project Editor for FREE. But you need a membership in order to get access to the GameSalad viewer which is really essential to testing the performance of your games.

There is also a PRO membership for $1999/yr but from what I can tell currently the only differences between the Express & the Pro memberships are the ability to change the splash screen (which for indie membership must remain the Created By GameSalad logo) and the ability to have URL Links embedded in the app. Both are worthwhile features that I would very much like to have but at this point I’m not willing to part with an additional $1900. You can add your own splash screen after the GS Logo if you wish anyway. The Pro membership also comes with some support incidents but they provide documentation, user support forums and a how-to wiki.

I’m excited to dive into the world of games and GameSalad is the most cost effective way I have found for a rank amateur like myself to get started in game development. I should mention that recently Unit 3d has released a free version but it is significantly more complex. Unity’s features are much more robust but the learning curve from what I hear is huge.

Get more info on GameSalad and their iPhone program from gsLogo

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